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Pátek, 30. října 2020 (20:49) Pavel Jelínek

Pořadatelé Dakaru 2021 projíždějí připravenou trasu.

Do startu Dakaru 2021 zbývají zhruba dva měsíce. Trať a trasa je připravena. V minulých dnech na ni vyrazili pořadatelé s terénními vozy........





Oficiální  info zde:


"An extraordinary year calls for extraordinary measures. The reconnaissance of the course is often spread out across several trips, which leaves us more time to reflect and recover, but this time round the operation is starting to resemble a commando mission. Three teams totalling 25 people are spending almost a month and a half combing through the roads, tracks and dunes of Saudi Arabia. The first contingent is in charge of the final validation of the route that we designed on a map, while the second one follows a few days later to write up the road book. Finally, the third team is responsible for adapting the tracks to the vehicles in the Dakar Classic competition… the newcomers, if I may say so. The situation calls for a sustained pace and a laser-like focus while leaving room for improvisation and convivial moments. It is a distillate of the Dakar ahead of time."
David Castera, director of the Dakar

A special 400 to 500 kilometres long involves a day and a half of work for the recce opening team. A special 400 to 500 kilometres long involves a day and a half of work for the recce opening team. For example, a stone field can turn out to be impassable when seen from up close! Time to go back to the drawing board.  


To make the most of its time on the course, the team follows the rising and setting of the Sun. It gets going when the air is still cool, at an average temperature of 10 degrees. A few hours after the mercury hits 35 degrees at high noon, the team uses the last few rays of light to set up a makeshift bivouac in the middle of nowhere. A true desert delight…


Neither competitors nor the recce team can escape their fair share of bad luck in the Dakar. Getting stuck on a tricky dune, flipping over the vehicle, suffering a mechanical or breaking a piece can easily cost two to three hours out there, and time is of the essence even when the classification is not an issue.


The team members have complementary skills and round each other out when it comes to working together. Jean-Paul "Paulo" Cottret uses his experience as a seven-time Dakar champion co-driver to validate David Castera's choices. Sébastien Flute, an Olympic gold medal-winning archer, drives the second 4×4 and moonlights as a baker… with an astounding flair for freeze-dried cuisine!



The Saudi deserts boasts sand of all tones and colours and dunes of all heights. The ground and the plant cover can also vary from one hour to the next, keeping the team members in awe  


David Castera wraps up each day in front of his computer, where he puts in the right format all the indications and course changes decided along the route. A few hundred kilometres up the road, the road book team is on standby to start committing the prized track to paper. It is time to enjoy the rest of the evening at the fireside.


foto ASO


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