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Středa, 18. března 2020 (11:59) Pavel Jelínek

Truckerský kalendář 2020 se bude měnit.

Velké termínové změny a přesuny postihnou i letošní kalendář závodů evropských okruhových trucků. Zatím není  (samozřejmě) nic jasné a definitivní.

Nejdříve se musí počkat na "uzdravení  Evropy" a  ukončení  pandemie....

Již dříve   byl ohlášen posun termínu )vopdního závodu na Hungaroringu.


Oficální verze zde:

ETRC to go ahead with all eight scheduled races in 2020

Whilst there’s uncertainty about how the situation will develop over the next couple of weeks in light of the coronavirus outbreak, the promoter of the FIA European Truck Racing Championship stills plans to run all 8 scheduled races for this season.

The ETRC announced last week that due to the measures imposed to counteract and contain the spread of COVID-19 across Europe, the season-opening race at the Hungaroring will be postponed until 13/14 June 2020, subject to FIA confirmation.

“We are working in close contact with the relevant race organisers to monitor the situation," said ETRA Managing Director Georg Fuchs. "Our objective is still to run all eight scheduled races.”

With enough space in between the events, there are good options to make alternative arrangements for certain races if necessary.
“Unlike other sports properties and championships with more races, a global calendar or more complex structures like the European football events with considerations of national structures, we have some gaps in the schedule from early summer into autumn, which allow us a good flexibility to potentially reschedule more races if need be.”


As debated in other sports and motorsports, to hold a race without fans however is no consideration for the FIA ETRC rounds according to Fuchs: “Our series is an event-based championship and truck racing is made for the fans. We assume that once this crisis is overcome, people will want to enjoy themselves again.

A lot of our drivers and fans are truck drivers in their day to day job, and now more than ever they are true road heroes working hard to keep the supply of goods going in such difficult times. We are keeping a close eye on the developments in the coming weeks.”


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